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Gorge High Altitude Training and Fitness Mask Review 4
100% recommend one best thing I have bought for training

Kevin Rodziewicz
17th June 2016

My husband has been training with his Gorge mask all summer and loves it. So much so that he has been pushing me to buy one as well. He feels so much stronger in such a short amount of time.

On a side note, he also likes how it has helped him with his anxiety. It has helped him learn to breathe better, and after a few weeks of using it feels like it is easier for him to breathe and work through his anxiety.

Jenny Maddocks
27th May 2016

I love this mask. I've been working out and doing cardiovascular sessions with it for the past week. I must say it is worth the purchase if you are serious about training, sure does help with mental focus and breathing.

Leon Geoffrey
12th April 2016

Since purchasing my Gorge Altitude Mask it has become a crucial part of my training, i have had great results during both my cardio workouts and my weight training. I reconmend the Gorge brand due to their current price being very affordable.

Dave Roberts
22nd February 2016